Tell me the story of.... CUSTOM . ONE OF A KIND . Story piece

Tell me the story of.... CUSTOM . ONE OF A KIND . Story piece

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Tell me the story of.... - Let me create a story for you!

This listing is for a custom one of a kind neckace. This necklace will be designed by Kayla and approved by you via email ( unless you'd like it a surprise! ),  THEN created by Kayla in sterling silver. You will receive a sketch before the item is started and photos before shipment ( unless you'd like it to be a surprise! ).

Important details :

  • One of a kind, your sketches will be created once just for you! ( Although I may create the same animal more than once, i do not reuse sketches of one of a kinds! )
  • 100% handcrafted in sterling silver. From start to finish your pendant is sketched, transferred, sawn, layered, fired, textured, finished, darkened, and buffed to the perfect matte rustic finish. 
  • Your piece will be roughly one inch.

This listing is not for any of the pieces in the photos and they can not be re created - Just like yours won't be! 

These custom pieces may take up to 4 weeks to create, depending on production time.


PLEASE NOTE : These are 100% handcrafted by myself. I will not recreate any sketches of yours or anyone else. I only will do customs with 100% creative freedom - they end up better that way, I promise!

If you have a question - shoot me a email!

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