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Of the Forest - Sterling Silver & Bronze


 Limited two toned story piece.

this listing is for one necklace of your choice


"Tell me the story of the beautiful mighty bear.. Who stood as tall as man, yet could travel with such grace even the branches under his paws would forgive each stride. The brace berry picker. The warrior. "


The spirit of the Forest..

The Alpha ;

"Tell me the story of the enduring alpha... She who protects and serves her wanderlust pack - her moonlight stargazing choir. She, with the acute knowledge and quick wits of survival. The glorious alpha."


The alpha of the forest...






  • SWINGING story piece, this piece is set and solid and doesn't swing freely. PERFECT for everyday wear!

Keep note, I can move, I am made of small layers with sawed detailing that can catch and am delicate. Please open and close me with care.

  • .925 STERLING & one sheet of bronze

  • Finished in a matte rustic dark finish.

  • Roughly 1 inch pendant

  • Strung from darkened sterling 18" chain.

  • CASTED from a all hand designed, draw, hand sawn & hand finished pendant. - I am not perfect, but I wasn't born to be.

  • - All rights reserved, Kayla Wave. Jurgens.


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