Welcome to the forest


Kayla Wave. Jurgens - Chaatl'tlaa


    I currently live in Huntingtown, MD with my husband and four children.

    My work is inspired by my upbringing in the forests of the Pacific Northwest. From a young age I remember the moss between my toes, catching salamanders, collecting foliage, skipping around streams, and chasing frogs. I am a member of the Tlingit tribe of southeast Alaska and my Tlingit name is Chaatl'tlaa, meaning "Mother of the Halibut". Once my husband leaves the military we plan to move back to the Pacific Northwest and continue our adventure in business creating USA made products.


   I am inspired and intrigued by the idea of working with my hands and being a maker; a trade that has nearly disappeared from the United States of America. Born to a father who worked in construction and to a mother of many trades focusing in storyteller, weaving, and jewelry I grew up seeing the power of what one can create. My hardworking father born in Michigan came from a line of makers who worked for Chrysler, from my great grandmother sewing seats to my grandfather doing carpentry. I take pride in making & creating items in the USA. I use as much USA derived material as I can find and spend hours researching sources of stones, metal, and tools.


In December of 2014 I was honored by being featured by Etsy, wanna see the interview?